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Friday, June 20, 2008

Tom Yum Noodle

I'm going Thai that spells out why I made this. No introduction needed for this renowned Thai dish..except that..everyone..and I mean EVERYONE has their own version..pretty much depends on your own preference. I like mine to have all the works, seafood, chicken..whatever..just dump it in, slurp the soup and bite some yellow egg noodles...and you would start to say "..A-roy..!!.."..(delicious in Thai)


Yellow Egg Noodles - or any other noodles of your choice (blanched)

The Soup

10 cups water
4 tbsp of Tom Yum Paste
3 Tom Yum cubes
2 inches ginger - sliced
5 cloves of garlic - crushed
3 onions - wedged
5 - 6 birds' eye chilli (depending on your tolerance)
6 pcs of lime leaves
2 stalks of lemongrass - bruised
2 tsp nampla (Thai fish sauce)

The Veggie
some cherry tomatoes - halved
some coriander leaves - chopped
some lime leaves - ripped
some shiitake mushrooms (or button,..or anything)
young corns - (optional)

The Protein
1/2 kg prawns - shelled and de-veined
250g chicken breast - cut into bite size
3 big squids - cleaned, cut into thick rings
plus whatever that u may fancy..fishcakes, fish tofu..whatever..

Bring all the ingredients for the soup to a busy boil. No saute required. Add the proteins, taste, and add the veggie before turning off the heat. Simple...ya?
Serve together with the noodles. Hot!

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