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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sambal Tumis Telur

Hard boiled eggs in spicy chilli.This one never fail to whet my appetite on those days that u tot "apeerr...nak masak eh?"..Very classic but still strong in its standing.


Boiled eggs - amount as according to your consumption

Blend together :
15(or more) dried chilles - seeded,soaked to soften or microwave for 10mins in a bowl of water
a really huge pinch of belachan(shrimp paste)
5-6 cloves of garlic
2-3 big onions
1 tbsp of ikan bilis(anchovies) granules

1 heaped tbsp of tamarind-add some water and knead to produce some juice
3 tbsp sugar or to taste (add more if chilli is too hot for u)
salt to taste

Heat sufficient oil in wok(it's ok if u add too much-u can always scoop it out after cooking)and saute blended ingredients.Make sure it's cooked (tumis sampai betul2 pecah minyak),stirring continuously.Add tamarind juice,sugar and salt.Add some water if u like some gravy but the consistency shudn't be too dry nor too dilute.Taste to suit yr liking. Add the bolied eggs (u may fry the boiled eggs for a more unique texture).Coat gravy over eggs and simmer for a few minutes bf turning off the heat.Serve.

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