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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Asam Pedas

Fish in Spicy Chilli Gravy..A must in every malay household..A classic..Good fresh fish recommended especially Red Snapper or other types with a thick body.. Add brinjals and lady's finger for the veggie crunch.. Slurp!


Fish of yr choice (big): Red Snapper, Sting Ray, YellowTail or Mackerel.
washed,cleaned and marinate with salt,tumeric and tamarind to rid of the fishy smell.

*to be grounded*
20-25 dried chillies,soaked to soften
3 onions
7 cloves garlic
3 inches of ginger
2 inches of fresh tumeric
2 tbsp of belacan
abt 5 pcs of Thai basil leaves (daun kesom)

2 fistfuls of tamarind, mixed with 4 cups of water to extract the juice
sprigs of Thai basil leaves (daun kesom)
2 tomatoes, wedged
5 lady's finger
1 brinjal, wedged
salt to taste


Heat enuff oil in wok to saute the ground ingredients till fragrant and cooked. Add tamarind juice make sure it's not too runny nor thick. When boiling, add salt to taste and add in the fish slowly, followed by the veggies and the Thai basil leaves.
The fish won't take long to cook, so should the veggies. Remove from heat and serve.

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