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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Telur Kicap

Sunny Side-up Eggs with Soy Sauce

My father usually would just coarsely break some red & green chillies together with sliced onions and some soy sauce and pour them over his eggs...err...I mean ...the eggs...hehe.. Simple...but refreshing....(thinking of him..)


some fried sunny side-up eggs
some soy sauce
slices of onions
red and green chillies, just use your hands to coursely break them.

Mix the above together and pour over eggs.Yup - no cooking required. Just fry your eggs the way u like it.*wink*


Jun :) said...

ana, selalu gak wat camni....bila maless nk masak, tp sedap kan..nasi panas2..perghh!

Sayang Suhana said...

jun...itu time bila dah ketandusan bahan,dan tak tau ape ke benda nak makan,las las telo bujang kalau kita makan macam ni pun, selera membunuh beb...hehe..

aishah@ummiaqil said...

sodap nampok telur kicap nih...time2 malas nih...kena cari resepi sempoi2 + sodap..