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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I humbly accept that..

My first. A heartfelt thank you to Cik Mat Gebu and Kak Ummi for the award. They were sent at the same time.* smile * Never had the intention to food-blog for these award thingy but I do highly appreciate it. Thank u again, my peers..

As per request of the original sender,it specified that "this award is to be given to blogs that have at least 3 posts per week"..therefore, I am passing along this award to :-)

1) Jun Yummilicious
2) Hunny
3) Aishah
4) Anna Bake-Freshly
5) Usop Ukraine
6) Dalissa

As to my other friends, u are not forgotten, I shall pass round to all,bit by bit, should I have the opportunity again.

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