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Sunday, July 20, 2008

ChocoMousse Brownie

first things first...salam frenz!..and I'm back right up...thanks for yr concern and empathy..let's just say,..I'm back, although not 100%,..but the spirit is still there..

I have been having this nagging feeling to try this ChocoMousse Brownie, from Mat Gebu, (originally from Kak Yani) before I got sick. So, it's the first thing that came to my mind when I asked myself what to make upon my return. So here goes my version.

It may look very fattening, but surprisingly, it's quite light. Somebody commented on the brownie base to be a bit hard after chilling so, I modified the method and instead of creaming the sugar and butter for the base, I just melted the butter and just whisk in the sugar.The result? A softer, cakey texture.

Thank u Mat Gebu and Kak Yani.


Ummi said...

Su..sedapnya mousse..dah buat dah ek..bila la akak nk buat ni..takut gak tak tahan nak makan byk bila buat ni..badan dah tembam ni haa..cantik Su pnya deco tu..

Sayang Suhana said...

kak ummi...banyak orang kata nampak macam semangat calorie kek ni..tapi bila kita congak2 kan balik, sugar and butter dia tu tak de lah seberapa..tapi the taste..kira heaven, Ana tak rasa kek ni se-heavy mana..time makan, mousse dia seolah-olah tenggelam dalam air liuq kita...kira light lah tuu..buat lah kak ummi...tembam pun tembam laa..yg penting,cute..