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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Puteri Ayu

I loved this way back when I was a child because it looked pretty but wasn't sure of how it tasted as I've never tried it before. Embarrassing but true. Then again, when we got err,..older..ehem...I just HAVE to taste it. Got this from Cik Mat and decided to give it a try as well. Verdict?..very was snapped up in no time the minute I made this,complementing well with a nice cup of hot tea. Your shape depends on the mould that u can get.


Anonymous said...

halo sis....sedap kuih ni...mana resipi nya? jgn lupa kalau ada resipi putri salad tolong upload ok? terasa nak buat kat sini lah...lin@UAE

Sayang Suhana said...

Lin...u try link kat the word 'try' yang warna ijau tuu..