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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Roti Boyan

a type of Bawean pancake

a delicious snack on a lazy weekend afternoon..I remembered my late Bawean Grandma (I have a mixture of Indian, Malay, Bawean and Javanese blood in me, with the ability of speaking multiple languages including Malay, Bawean, English, a little Mandarin, Cantonese, Indian, Hindi, and now, Korean....hehe) making these on the verandah back in the good old kampong days and I would sit there and beg her to pass me some of the leftover dough for me to play. Of course she said no, but this classic beauty remains as one of my favourites during Ramadhan. Hubby won't eat those bought from outside but would only eat it if I made them. Unbelievable but true. Anyway, eaten on its own or with a sambal dip, it tastes wonderful, all the same..

Ooopps..almost forgot..I made these, with thanks to Abg Rozzan.(thank u, brother!)It was quite good and u may see here for the recipe.


BRO ROZZAN said...

Salam Sis.
Hah, cantik pun! Keep up the good work!

Cik Puan Kesum said...

salam suhana,

lam adh tak kunjung sini,terlupa nk link ur blog

eh nmpk lembut sgt doh tuh..mesti rangup kan?

Sayang Suhana said...

salam bro Rozzan - jutaan timakasih to abg yg tak lokek2offer recipe. May Allah bless u & family.

Sayang Suhana said...

salam cik puan kesum..alhamdulillah...the doh tu very lembut to work with but end result, crispy...sedap..
(ewah..perasan sendiri kita ni..)

ummi said...

Wah Su, cantik klim tepi puff tu...Ummi mmg out lak bab ni..rasanya kalu jadi pun 2 jam le mengelim hahahaha...(*tu la..dulu mak buat, mcam dah pndai je xnak tengok..whahaha..nnt balik kg kursus dulu dgn mak..hehe)