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Monday, August 18, 2008

Coconut Crisps

The cookies are refreshing as it is especially when there's nothing in the cookie jar!..and during the hunger pangs in the middle of the nite..
A heartfelt thanks to my dearest mate from downunder, this from her..u may browse here and just a reminder, the dough may be soft. U may add flour or chill the dough before shaping it..but whatever it may be, this is a good sweet nostalgic taste for me, with the coconut touch..


VG said...

Hi Suhana

I like the way you did your cookies (much nicer than Mr G). The cherries give it a nice touch. Sedapkan? My kids love this in their lunch boxes (me too!). I'll tell Mr G you made them...he'll be happy.

Sayang Suhana said...

Hi VG..
The cookies were not enuff to feed the hungry hyenas in my was wicked!...very nice..everytime I made these now, they'll only leave behind coconut crumbs for me to sweep!

Myza said...

Salam Suhana. Bila tengok gambar coconut crips tu teringat kt arwah mama saya. Arwah mama saya selalu buat kuih tu utk hari raya. Sedap biskut tu!

Anonymous said...

salam suhana...tried the recipe last week. Reallly nice,,,,but want to ask, camner nak suruh dia crunchy?