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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bubur Kacang Hijau

Green Bean Dessert

Ok..let me get this straight..after viewing some of the other blogs, I noticed that this dish was quite in popped up from almost everyone, in addition to the abundance of the Durian...suddenly, it's Bubur Kacang Durian everywhere..but not in mine..

Why?'s an embarrassing confession : I don't take durian..(blushing)..I'm sure most of u will find it funny or "yek elleey...tak makan duyan!"..or somethin like that but seriously, I don't take it. It has never been my favourite fruit. Maybe I don't like fruits which are not juicy. I find durian to be creamy in texture...and I find myself very thirsty after eating it. So, I placed Durian out of my fave list.Back then, whenever my family bought a whole load of them, I would sit in a corner with a consolation bag of mangosteen...yup...mangosteen...even now, I won't eat it..if it's found in the bubur kacang, I would comb away the flesh and just try to spoon the liquid. But the funny part?..I would eat durian puff, durian icecream and keropok durian...hehe...but I just WON'T EAT THE FRUIT ON ITS OWN...(please - don't hate me..I'm just being honest.)

Well..enuff abt that already...this simple dessert doesn't really require a recipe, does it?..I'm sure u guys out there have your own version...Anyway, I made this when I stumbled upon a packet of green beans while clearing up my cluttered pantry..I don't even remember when in the world did I buy this..hehe*wink*


MamaFaMi said...

Sedapnya bubur kacang Suhana ni. Bolehlah agaknya mengecek semangkuk! ;-)

Sayang Suhana said...

salam mamafami..jgn kata semangkuk...seperiuk pun bole...selalunya tak abis...maklum, kat ruma cuma ada 4 orang je..