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Monday, September 15, 2008

Thank You


I'd like to take this opportunity to express my hearfelt thanks to my dearest fellow friends for your kind words and support for me for the last couple of weeks,...

well, as they said,everthing happens for a reason and I should believe that behind every cloud is a silver lining...the sky is at its darkest before dawn,...but as day breaks....the ray of the sun brings new hope and gives new life another chance..
So, thank you again for being such loyal visitors and friends,...I shall continue to finish my Ramadhan and at the same time, spread food on the table..(sounds horny right?..)...**smiling**....and so will u....

a special thank u to the following friends, pls accept my thank u note and paste it on yr blog..

Nur - Cetusan Rasa
Ratna - Kitchen Stories
Katak Ayu
Yummilicious Jun
Aishah Ummiaqil
Ida Sinarrasul
Cik Mat Gebu
Kak Ummi
Eyna Muffindummi

sorry if I left out anybody..but u know who u are..


ummi said...

Su, thanx for a special note..hope you're getting better now..!! Really miss your cooking too..Muaaahhhh!!!

Mat Gebu said...

Su..terima kasih yeaa..moga cepat sembuh dan sama mcm kak ummi...i miss ur cooking tooooo.....(panjang skit dari kak ummi..ahaks!!)

Shafidah Shamen said...

Su, thanks yerrrr..!!
saya nak buat lagi panjang cari mat gebu..i miss ur cooking toooooooooooooooo (mat, Jangan marahh haaaa )

katak_78 said...

thanks...thanks...million times..take care slalu..dunt feel so down coz u have so many friends to share ur feelings!!!

farah aminuddin said...

thank su.. nnt frh pastekan kt my blog =)

Ummi Eyna said...

thanks sue... semoga sihat slalu n selamat menyambut ramadan...

leeyana-mamadaniel said...

thanks ya kak su..semoga akak cepat sembuh n kembali dgn masakan akak yg power2 tuh..:-)

Jun said...

tq pray for u too..mmg setiap yg berlaku ade hikmahnyer...take care ok! mmuahhhh!