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Monday, September 15, 2008

Cendol Kilat Ramadhan

Cendol = A sweet cooling dessert
Kilat = Lightning
Ramadhan = Muslim month of fasting

The classic cendol or chendol (say chain - doel)..BUT do u see the relevance of it's name?..Let me explain..its the fasting month, (check)...and I happened to crave for a sweet cooling dessert to break my fast (check)...however, I have no time and I gotta make it in an instance and as fast as lightning (check)...gettit?


Store bought chendol
some boiled and cooled red beans
Palm sugar syrup - u can find one in a convenient ready-to-squeeze bottle
500ml coconut milk - scalded in a pot, with a tsp of salt, and cooled
Some ice cubes/ice shavings

In a tall glass, dump in drained chendol, a tbsp of red beans, 2 tbsp palm sugar syrup, 5 tbsp of coconut milk. Top with some ice shavings or ice cubes.
Chill well b4 serving,not forgetting to stir. Adjust the syrup as per yr liking.

1 comment:

Zue Murphy said...

Salam ramadan, emmm.... Sounds cooling and refreshing breakfasting with cendol.